Terms and conditions of sale


Terms of sales

Article 1 – Scope

The present general conditions of sale are applicable to all the contracts concluded through the site Aventure Parc.

In case of a contract concluded with a consumer, these general conditions of sale apply only in the case of a distance contract within the meaning of Article 77, §1, 1° of Law of 14 July 1991 on Trade Practices and on Information and Protection of Consumers. Consequently, these conditions do not apply if, during the pre-contractual phase, both parties are required to meet physically.


Article 2 – Definitions

The seller is:

Adventure Park Sprl

VAT: BE 0885.389.373

Rue Sainte Anne, 152

B-1300 Wavre - Belgium

Tel: 32 (0) 10 22 33 87

Fax: 32 (0) 10 22 89 22

E-mail: info@aventureparc.be

The buyer is either a defined consumer (within the meaning of Article 1, 7° of the law of 14 July 1991 on Trade Practices and on Information and Protection of Consumers) as any natural or legal person who acquires or uses for any purpose excluding any professional character the products or services presented by Aventure Parc.


Article 3 – Offer

The information detailing the products or services that can be purchased on the Aventure Parc website constitutes an offer to sell. Unless expressly otherwise stated, the offer is valid as long as it is present on the website.

However, Aventure Parc can not be held by an offer which, for reasons beyond its control, would contain errors.


Article 4 – Conclusion of the contract

§1. Steps to follow in order to conclude the contract

To conclude a sales contract, the buyer must go through 6 steps. In case of online payment, a 7th step is required.

  • 1st step: “Which option best suits you?”: The buyer selects the desired formula.
  • 2nd step: “Who takes part in what?”: The buyer selects the product(s) or service(s) and the desired quantity.
  • 3rd step: “When would you like to come?”: The buyer selects the desired visit date. Gift vouchers do not require a specific date as they are valid through the season.
  • Optional 4th step: “Which option do you want?”: The buyer selects the additional product(s) or service(s), and the desired quantity.
  • 5th step: “Your data”: the buyer fills in an identification form.
  • 6th step: “Book”: a summary of the order is displayed with the following items: buyer identification, purchased product(s)/service(s), visit date and total price. The buyer must accept the terms of sales to which a hyperlink is proposed. The buyer must confirm his reservation.
  • 7th step: “Online payment”: the buyer selects his method of payment. The banking information he provides is transmitted directly to Mollie, which manages and secures online payments. Aventure Parc does not take note of payment information. A message informs the buyer of the acceptance or refusal of his payment. The contracting stages are offered in the following languages: French, Dutch and English.

§2. Consent of Buyer

The buyer’s consent is given to a summary page which appears in step 6: this step allows him to correct any errors and to confirm his order.


§3. Time of conclusion of the contract

The contract is considered concluded when the seller receives confirmation of the buyer’s order.


§4. Sending a Confirmation

At the time of delivery the latest, the seller sends an email of confirmation to the buyer with his order containing the following elements: Identification of the seller and buyer, price of the purchased product(s)/service(s) and date of reservation.


Article 5 – Electronic Proof

Within the framework of their relations, the parties accept electronic means of proof, such as electronic mail and recordings within computer systems.


Article 6 – Payment

The buyer pays the price of his purchases using a payment instrument authorized by Mollie. The payment tool is directly managed by Mollie, none of the payment information is transmitted to Aventure Parc.

Aventure Parc declines all responsibility for the online payment process. Following the payment process, the buyer receives a confirmation message or a message inviting him to resume the payment procedure in the event of a problem.


Article 7 – Refund policy

7.1.: From the moment of their purchases by the customer, the ticket(s) can not be exchanged, resold or refunded.

7.2.: In any event, a ticket purchased will not be refunded, even if the ticket has not been used by the customer.


Article 8 – Delivery

Mailing only applies to gift vouchers purchased online. It is done at the risks and perils of the seller. It is made within 8 days of purchase, subject to postal delays. For the reservations, the buyer must print his confirmation mail on A4 paper in black and white or colour.

For the online purchase of tickets, the buyer can download, directly after validation of his payment, the ticket(s) in .pdf or .jpg format and present it to the reception upon arrival at Aventure Parc.


Article 9 – Respect for intellectual property

The intellectual property rights of the site and its elements belong to Aventure Parc. The contract of sale concluded between Aventure Parc and the buyer does not grant the latter the right to copy, reproduce, download, post, transmit or distribute any elements of the site of Aventure Parc.

Article 10 – Protection of privacy

The rules on compliance with legislation on the protection of personal data are described in the privacy policy.


Article 11 – Applicable law and competent court

Any dispute relating to the site of Aventure Parc is governed by Belgian law. The courts and tribunals of the borough of Nivelles are the only ones competent.

In the event of a dispute, a printed version of these terms of sale and any accompanying terms issued in electronic form will be accepted in any judicial, extra-judicial or administrative proceedings.

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